Wednesday, July 6, 2016
You've been planning this day since you decided to share your life with your forever love, make sure you have fun with it! Add one or all of these fun ideas to your wedding make sure a great time is had by all.
Mix-matched Wedding Party
Think outside the box when it comes to selecting your wedding party. Maybe your groom is super close to his sister and prefers to have a Best Maid rather than a Best Man, or perhaps your BFF is a guy and has earned the title of Man of Honor in your wedding party. Don't be afraid to have your wedding party truly represent the relationships in your life. It's 2014 and it's perfectly acceptable for you to choose an all male or all female wedding party or any combination of the two. It's your day so it should be a true picture of your life and the special people in it. Terms like Bridesmen and Groomsmaids are gaining more popularity all the time.
Signature Drinks
Whether you are hosting a spiked or virgin event, creating a signature drink to serve to your honored guests is a fun idea and a great way to add a little pop of your personality to the affair. Your Signature Drink may have a story behind it that you could share with your friends and family like how you two created the concoction or it what was you ordered on your first date. Theres also an app for can enter elements of your relationship and personalities and the drink that is right for you will be produced for you. The cocktail hour is a great time to serve these Signature drinks with an explanation for your guests. You can also have them served at the bar or passed all evening.
Midnight Snack
Last but not least, send them out with a smile. A great way to signal that the evening is drawing to a close is to serve a “midnight snack”. Although your party may not be rockin' till the stroke of 12, the idea of something a little extra after dessert to finish off the event is a fun way to say goodnight. Popular midnight snack ideas are milk and cookies, fries with special dipping sauces, ice cream, or popcorn. Pick something that speaks to you. This is a great place to get creative with packaging, too. Include a send off message thanking your friends and family with their special treat, and its sure to be talked about it for events yet to come.
Remember to have fun while planning the big day. The perfect combination of somber and celebration makes for a charmed affair. Happy Planning!

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