Wednesday, July 6, 2016

When choosing a color palette for your wedding, there are several parameters to keep in mind. The colors will set the mood for the entire event. For example, if you choose soft muted colors, you will convey elegance and sophistication, whereas bold bright hues will suggest a lighter, more fun mood for your event.

Summer 2014 color trends offer something for everyone. Blue seems to be the super color of the year. Navy blue especially is being paired with everything from traditional white to bolds like canary yellow and lime green. Other than blue, the major color trends for summer weddings are bright and fun or soft and serene.



If your venue is more casual and light, the bright and fun colors may be a great way to create the kind of atmosphere you're after. Teals, Fuchsias, Yellows and Oranges can be used in fabrics and florals to enhance the special day you have planned.


If your venue is more traditional and you have elegance in mind, then soft and serene may be the way to go. This palette uses creams and grays as a backdrop for mint greens and light pinks and peaches. Table linens and florals done in these soft tones will create a classic refined look that you'll cherish in photos for yours to come.



Whether you're bold and bright or soft and serene, 2014 has color trends to compliment your plans for a perfect day. Happy Planning

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