Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Whether you're about to rent your first tux for a dance or prom, or you've picked out the suits you'll be using for the wedding party at your upcoming nuptials, let's face it, there are still some guys who don't care about clothes all that much. Although it is always best to have the seasoned professionals at Mr. Burch professionally fit you at one of our convenient locations, busy student schedules and groomsmen/ushers living out of town may warrant to collection of their own measurements.



When following these 10 steps in self-measurement, you're a lot more likely to have a fit success story that a nightmare.

  1. Determine your weight by using an accurate scale.

  2. Measure your height. Take off your shoes and stand with your back against the wall. Place the tape measure at the bottom of your feet and measure to the highest point on your head.

  3. Measure your waist. Tuxedo pants fit higher than jeans or dress pants. Measure around the top of your hip bones and across your navel to determine an accurate waist size.

  4. Calculate your hip measurements. Place the tape measure around your hips. The measurement should be determined by looping the tape measure around your pants and over the biggest part of your rear end.

  5. Determine your out seam while wearing shoes. Make sure the shoes are similar to what you'll be wearing with the tuxedo. While facing forward, place the tape measure on the outside arch of your shoe. Pull the tape measure up your leg, past your hip bone and to the height of your navel. This measurement helps determine the length of pants you will need.



  6. Measure your chest. Raise your arms to the side. Run the tape measure around your shoulder blades, under each arm and around the fullest part of your chest. Lower your arms and assess the measurement.

  7. Determine your over-arm measurement. Put both arms at your side. Place the tape measure around your chest and both shoulders, and record your size. This measurement is similar to how you measured your chest, except now you're including your shoulders.

  8. Assess the size of your neck. Circle the tape measure around your neck and record the measurement.

  9. Calculate your sleeve measurement. Allow one of your arms to hang straight at your side. Place the tape measure near the bottom of the back of your neck. Run your tape measure over the top of your shoulder and then down your straight arm to a point approximately one inch below the center of your wrist.

  10. Record your coat in-sleeve measurement. Put the tape measure on the inside of your arm slightly below your wrist. Pull the tape up into your underarm for the complete measurement.




Remember, that professional formal wear shops, like Mr. Burch, are usually happy to measure for no charge, but if you have to DIY, stick to this plan. Good Luck!