Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Going to a rave or black tie affair? Check out these tips to look smashing..
warehouse/rave party
Rave parties are always popular on New Year's Eve, especially among younger partygoers. If you're going to a 24-hour dancing session that feels more like a full-body massage, I suggest you wear something sporty and comfortable. Here are a few guaranteed winners for those all-nighters:
  • A dark blue, white, red, purple, or black sleeveless T-shirt. A tank top is perfect because it'll give your body plenty of breathability and you won't have to take off everything when you start to break a sweat.
  • Go for black, charcoal gray or dark blue track pants. They should be made of water-absorbing fabric for maximum comfort. The simpler the better.
  • Your outfit will not fly unless you wear flamboyant sneakers. Whether they're designer running shoes or the latest Nikes, make sure they blend with the rest of your attire for the ultimate look.
  • If you really want to stand out, you can wear a fisherman hat or a glitzy cowboy hat with tinted aviator glasses.
On a side note, don't forget to drink plenty of fluids and only stick to herbal pills, or you may not be seen at all for most of the night.
formal scene

If your party requires a tux, your best bet is a classic black and white combination. However, if you're going to wrap up the New Year at a trendy restaurant or a more traditional hall party, you'll need to wear a remarkable suit.
  • Make sure your suit fits and looks perfect.
  • If you're a little less conservative, a sharply cut three-piece suit is a throwback to the '70s and could definitely put the fever and groove back into your party.
  • If you are very confident, then try the latest plaid suits, but watch out because if improperly worn, they can look extremely tacky.
  • If you're more conservative in the image and financial departments, then buy a high-end suit that you could wear all year round. Lightweight black and gray suits are your best bets.
  • Try to keep the colors to a minimum and focus on buying a very nice
  • tie. Plaid ties with shades of purple and cherry look great.
  • Remember to polish your trendy footwear and always display
  • proper table manners.
Have a great holiday and remember to always look like a million bucks!
This blog was originally posted by Ask Men and written by Chris Rovny.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Christmas is only a few days away and if you're lucky, Santa will deliver some fabulous articles of clothing to guarantee that you look great at your New Year's Eve bash. For you less fortunate ones who receive Santa's more ordinary lines of clothing, don't worry, because we have fashion suggestions that will make you look fantastic wherever you party on December 31st.
club scene

If you're spending New Year's Eve in a nightclub where everybody dons the latest trends, it's important for you to look the part and stand out from the regular Joes. Be risky and try one of this year's coolest garments. One of these fashion items or a combination of several will help you achieve the perfect look.
  • A light blue or purple dressy shirt. Open up the two top buttons for a slick and more confident image.
  • If you're aiming for a more polished look, top your shirt off with a classy leather blazer. Great brands that have leather apparel are: Hugo Boss, The Gap, Andrew Marc, DKNY, and Prada.
  • This year, it's all about leather, so get yourself a nice pair of leather pants. Unless you're attending Fetish Night , don't buy plastic looking leather pants (pleather); opt for a jean-cut pair of leather trousers offered at stores like The Gap, Banana Republic or J. Crew.
  • Whether or not you decide to use one of the aforementioned suggestions, make sure you have great looking shoes, and that your ensemble's colors match perfectly.
outdoor scene

If you're lucky enough to be in Times Square (or any other outdoor event) when the clock strikes 12, look great with this year's trendiest jackets. Don't forget to wear quality winter boots, a matching winter hat, scarf and gloves, and check out which winter fashion no-nos you should avoid.
  • Leather is also a winner when it comes to winter jackets. Try a -length leather trench coat — preferably made out of nice, shiny leather. Black, brown and tan colors all look great when properly matched. Check out Armani, Andrew Marc and The Gap.
  • A rich-looking sheepskin jacket is always a classic amongst top designers. It's always a perfect fit for the more mature, classy gentleman who has achieved a certain status and wants to show it. Sheepskin jackets are guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the whole winter season. These are available by Armani, Prada and John Varvatos.
  • For those of you who can't afford leather, opt for a dark gray mohair trench coat (single-breasted). These can be found at Sisley/Benetton, Armani, Banana Republic, and J. Crew.
  • For a sportier look, get a quilted jacket with a fake fur hood and cuffs. The furry and fuzzy added touch is extremely hot this winter. Don't worry if you look like an Eskimo; at least you'll be toasty, not to mention very fashionable. You can find them at DKNY, and most trendy department stores.
Going to a rave or black tie affair? Check out our next post and look smashing...


This blog was originally posted on Ask Men and written by Chris Rovny