Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The after-prom party is just as essential as the prom itself, and is often where many students get into trouble. A big trend for 2014 is the school hosting the after party as well as the prom. These larger than life events are on par with graduation lock ins schools have been hosting for years. To entice all the prom-goers into showing up, the entertainment had better be appealing. The more variety your event has, the broader its appeal will be. Think big and you could throw a party that’s bigger than prom itself!
Sketch Comedy Group or Improv Troupe: Your after prom party could get laughs like Saturday Night Live or MAD TV. Contact comedy clubs, improv theaters or a nearby college. If comedy acts perform regularly in local theaters, they’re often available for private parties.
Game Show:  Hire a host to emcee a popular game show tailored to your high school. It could be Couples Trivia Challenge (quiz couples or best friends to see who knows each other best), The Amazing Race, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, or any version of a popular game show. A little competition, an engaging emcee and enticing prices could make your after prom party a smash.
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Instant Photo/Video Booth:  Set up a digital camera on a tripod and connect it to a color printer. Have some outrageous props on hand like silly hats, signs, and random objects for everyone to pose with. It’s the perfect keepsake. Set up a video booth where friends can record messages to each other and recount their favorite high school memory. Create a DVD for a party favor after it’s edited, or save it for the ten year reunion.
Mocktails:  Have a mixologist behind a juice bar conjure up tasty drinks in fancy glasses. Hold a 2 a.m. toast.
Stand-Out Door Prizes:  Give out raffle tickets at the door for killer prizes. An iPad, PlayStation, gift cards to Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie or season passes to an amusement park are much more appealing than say, stuffed animals. Ask local stores to donate.
Larger-Than-Life Games:  A velcro wall, human bowling, sumo wrestling in giant suits… these aren’t games you can play every day, but they’re perfect for an after prom party.
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DJ/Band:  Dancing at the prom isn’t enough. The after prom party needs music, too. Keep the beat going and the dance floor full with another set post prom. To make this party extra-appealing, hire a DJ that has a following at local clubs. See which bands are touring near your town during prom and ask if they have a free night to play your after prom party. Or, book a popular local cover band.