Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Prom.  So what's the big deal?  Is all the fuss really worth it?  In a word, YES!  There aren't dozens of movies made lamenting missing prom because no one cares.  While there are many excuses you can use to justify not going, here are a few reasons we believe you should attend.

Never Been Kissed



1.  Great reason to buy an expensive dress:  Most girls only get to splurge on a fancy dress for their wedding. Unless you attend paegents, prom is a great reason to buy an amazing dress.

2.  Formal pictures:  When was the last time you had a formal portrait made (not in pajamas with Santa)? You'll be dressed to kill and surrounded by friends.  Embrace your inner super model and get out there.


10 Things I Hate About You

3.  The last formal dance:  Unless you are in a sorority, the prom will be your last chance to attend a formal dance.  If you do attend a sorority, prom will be good practice for the dances to come.

4.  You will miss out:  Everyone will be talking about what happened Monday morning.  You won't know who danced with whom or who won best dressed if you don't attend.

5.  Regret not going:  You will always regret not going.  Face it - hundreds of movies are based on the regret of missing prom.  Do you want to be able to identify with all of them?


Pretty In Pink

6.  Lenient parents:  This will be the one night your parent's extend your curfew and let you bend the rules.  Enjoy staying out a little later with your friends.

7.  Your boyfriend will be dressed up:  Have you ever seen your boyfriend all decked out with his hair cut, clean shaven and in a a tuxedo?  You won't regret this rare opportunity.

8.  The memories:  You will have memories of prom to last the rest of your life.  Good, bad or ugly you won't regret the stories you collect while attending your prom.



Wednesday, July 6, 2016

It's that time of year again...Prom season 2014 is upon us, and coeds are coming up with more and more creative ways to secure a date for this rite of passage. Their calling it Promposals nowadays, and these antics include but are not limited to popping the question with food, using the front yard as an artists canvas, or good, old fashioned public displays of affection/humiliation (depending on who you ask).
When sharing a meal with an intended prom date, whether a hopeful guy or gal is sitting across the table or sent a surprise delivery, food can be used in many ways. Some have enlisted the help of sushi chefs to spell out “Prom?” in his/her favorite roll. While others have gifted a romantic box of chocolates or heart-shaped pizzas with notes enclosed asking for a date.
Front Yard Art
Similar to food messages, some Promposals are created by spelling out the question in the front yard of their sweethearts with things like candles, sidewalk chalk on the driveway, or even sporting equipment representing a favorite hobby. Some hopefuls wait in the yard for their answer, while others wait at home for called or texted reply.
Public Display
Nothing could make a guy or girl feel more special than knowing that someone went to a lot of trouble planning to take them out for a fun evening. So, what could be more endearing than seeing a walking billboard of his/her Promposal coming towards them after 3rd period Geometry? Or how about being sent on a scavenger hunt through school to find clues of who your secret prom date hopeful might be? A tried and true favorite that has yielded many popular results is the classic lunchroom serenade.
Good luck 2014 Promposals-Have fun!