Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Now that you've weighed all your options and you know you’ll be using a tuxedo on at least a yearly basis, buying is definitely in your best interest. Here are some tips that will help you purchase a tuxyou’ll actually enjoy wearing.

  1. It should be dark. Yes, you could creative and get the purple tuxedo, but black is a much more widely accepted tuxedo color. If not black, you might go with charcoal grey or midnight blue. 
  2. Keep it light. Dancing and tuxedos go hand in hand. Consider wearing a  heavy tux that’ll have you sweating by the second song.
  3. Come see a professional (Mr. Burch of course) As with any major purchase, you’re going to want to look around. Even if you fall in love with the first tux you see, try others. Of course our professional staff will there to help.
  4. Consider buying a former rental tux. We take great care of of our rental tuxes.  Just be sure to try it on first and closely examine it for wear and tear.
  5. Go for something simple. Tails and vests and other accessories can complicate a tux. Go for the simple but stylish bow tie plus cummerbund combination and you’ll never look out of place.
  6. Buy the whole set together. The coat and trousers should come from the same designer and match each other perfectly. You’ll probably want to buy the shirt in the same place so you can make sure it goes well with the rest of the outfit.

Okay men, don't complain about buying a buying a tuxedo. After all, women need to buy formal dresses too, and they can’t get away with wearing the same one to every event as easily as you can with the same tux. So if you have lots of formal events in your future, take a day to do a bit of shopping and you’ll be ready for for any fancy shindig on a moment’s notice and for a lot less money than your rental-only friends.  For more information on buying a tuxedo, contact Mr. Burch at (205) 252-3602.