Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Frosting, Adornments, Bling, Frills, Bells and Whistles, or Embellishments...anyway you shake it, wedding accessories are fun! 2014 sees several accessory trends emerging for brides allowing them to make a personal statement with fashion whether they're starting a new tradition or donning a precious family heirloom.
Veils for 2014 brides make their entrance with ornate headpieces featuring elaborate combs and/or crown-like florals and tiaras. This dramatic look is ultimately bridal. After all, the veil is what makes you a bride. Unless you're a career pageant girl, this might be one of your only chances to wear a crown in public, so go for it!
Bridal jewelry for 2014 is another great place for brides to make a style splash. Often the tone for jewelry worn by the bride is dictated by the style of her engagement ring. A bride with an antique setting may wear vintage family heirloom jewelry at her ears and neckline to compliment her setting. Whereas a modern bride may choose to make a bold statement and add color to her palette with her jewelry.
Runways for 2014 highlighted many brides with capes and wraps to compliment their overall looks. Other than the practical application of warmth, wraps can also be helpful in protecting your dress from weather and mussing in general. There are whimsical choices like feathered and furred wraps that may fit with a vintage Gatsby-esque themed affair, and sleeker silks and satins for a more demure event.
The most important thing when choosing accessories is to express yourself and have fun!