Wednesday, July 6, 2016
As every couple plans their upcoming nuptials, there are many aspects that are often assigned to either the bride or the groom. Gift registry, however, is an activity often enjoyed by both parties. During gift registry, couples select items that will be a part of décor in their homes and/or used during holidays and the new family's favorite activities for years to come. Without realizing it, heirlooms may be added to a couple's family on their wedding gift registries.
It is so important to have seasoned professionals helping with the selection of gift items for each registry. These pros will make sure couples include items from each department and price range. This insures that gift purchasers have many options to choose from on your preselected list of goodies. Sally Holsenback at Belk here in Birmingham is the perfect example of these pros. We love to send couples Sally's way, as we know they'll be handled with the utmost care.
Another great thing about Belk registry is it's nationwide accessibility both in stores across the country for those who like to purchase in person as well as online for others. Belk registries can also be linked to a couples wedding website for click through convenience.
Professionals like Sally also advise their couples to register least 6 months before the wedding. Some friends and family members start sending gifts as soon as the engagement is announced. Six months out guest lists are usually finalized and most couples have a solid idea about their living arrangements for after the wedding. It's also plenty of time before most gift giving party and shower invitations have gone out, giving everyone plenty of time to shop.
All in all, enjoy the process. We promise that having a pro like Sally and/or the other registry associates at Belk on your side is a step in the right direction. Happy Shopping!

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